Curious About

196 Countries, One Moon and Two Planets

Elinor recently returned from Mt. Everest Base Camp traveling to her 56th country Nepal.  SAY HI to receive an invitation to Elinor's wedding on the moon, and to shuttle up to her summerhouse on Mars. 


Ideation Hackathon

Elinor implements Ideation Hackathons for the strategic design firm Sightful to unite creatives, strategists, developers and collaborators to enhance the experience of existing products. SAY HI to make epic stuff. 


Experience Designer

Elinor collaborates with a visual unicorn and a coding genius to create a social match making app for Lesbians that allow users to connect by discovering in the moment activities. SAY HI to help share the love. 


Data Designer

Elinor thinks about how designers may strategically leverage the contingent forces of socio-technical systems that underlie processes of design by interpreting patterns of data as new technologies are adopted. SAY HI to interconnect those data specks. 

Mt. Everest Base Camp 

While on the Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal you stand face to face with Mount Everest, the “Goddess Mother of the Earth", from the peak of Kala Pathar to catch a glimpse of Everest at sunrise. The trip in October of 2013 was guided by Annelie Pompe from Expeditionsresor and Chhiring Dorje Sherpa from Rolwaling Excursion


YY Connection

The YY Connection is a constant reminder that all things, in all ways, are tied together as one. Your contribution supports the livelihood of the Rolwaling village in Nepal.



My Friends Call me ELI

Elinor is focused on the development of structured methods to explore opportunities, conceive viable human centered and data based interactions, and to shift focus from product to system innovation. Elinor strives to declutter thinking on systems that repeatedly expose the designer to the underlying process with steps described by sense intent, understanding of context and people, insight extraction, concept exploration, solution framing and offering realization. 


Parsons the New School for Design

Elinor Samuelsson graduated from Parsons the New School for Design with a BBA in Strategic Design and Management with double honors in Academic Excellency and Department Contribution in May of 2013. 


Elinor uses Basecamp to manage projects. Sketches become interactive prototypes using PopOmnigraffle and Balsamiq for user flows and wireframes. Iterations are user tested with OptimizelyGoogle Analytics tracks data. Boomerang sends notifications to Mailbox. Collaboration happens in Google Docs, other times, and sometimes Snapchat. Dropbox shares files. Mailchimp mass targets. AnyDo to do lists. Instagram is linked to Foursquare and Twitter. Path to share thoughts. Covers ground with Citibike. Travels in Skyscanner or Hipmunk. Ideas go on Slickynotes. This site is built using Squarespace. Oh, and she is a geek for Keynote